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Cloud Based Business

Our experience in software development means we can provide support and maintenance for existing systems, an approach that allows you to extend the life of your software.

We can provide ongoing support while working closely with you to develop an architecture to update your system, without the need for a complete rebuild.

By redeveloping elements of the software as they are required, we are able to build services that get decoupled from the main system – so the software continues to work while being updated.

We find that like many of our customers, you may have commissioned a system, and then found your supplier, for whatever reason, is no longer able to provide software maintenance. We can help by taking over, supporting the transition from your existing supplier, and giving you the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

Due to the experience of our team, we’re able to familiarise ourselves with your system very quickly. We will always ensure that any development of your codebase is a step forward, in line with the latest development standards and practices. This will increase the quality of your software and, ultimately, reduce your cost over time.

  • We can tailor our commercial model and resourcing to your project so you can stay in control of your costs.
  • Our development teams reduce risk by either acting as your internal development team or by supporting them, increasing the development resource without permanently increasing your head count. This gives you the ability to handle increased development needs as required.
  • Our internal development processes allow you to focus on other areas of your business, rather than on managing development of the software.
  • Our high staff retention rate means we retain knowledge and expertise, so we can provide you with a consistently high level of support and maintenance.
  • If you’ve got a system that you’d like to discuss our support options for, please get in touch.

We believe in a brighter future, with smarter software solutions.

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