Approval Management System

E-Sign gives you a self-service portal to approve requests from enterprise systems. It enables approval workflow for service catalogue, identity management, access management, and user provisioning requests. It offers complete visibility into approval requests, approvers, comments, and time to make processes efficient and compliance transparent. It uses a business friendly user interface for the management of user identity, access and service requests.

Cloud Based Business

Get it done, faster than ever
Easy to use, quick to learn and a snap to implement, approvals and agreements are simple and convenient for everyone involved.

Anywhere, anytime, any device
Get access, sign and send important documents from your desk, on the road or everywhere in between.

Administrative Control
With E-Sign, a system administrator maintains absolute control over business processes and IT service catalogue requests. It provides administrators and business users with an intuitive interface with a visual view of requesters; assets, access, assignments and the complete approval process flow for all requests associated to user accounts, groups and organizations.

Audit trail
If you ever need to legally enforce your document (or if you’re just interested in seeing the history of a document you’ve uploaded), you can quickly and easily check all document changes and signing events by downloading the full audit trail for each of your documents.

Document analytics
E-Sign your documents simply, quickly and securely! E-Sign allows you to see when a document or sales proposal has been opened & the part that has received the most attention, delayed, approved or rejected with a time stamp.

External Approval
E-Sign allows for requests with complex requirements and multilevel approvals in a request management system. It allows you to segment and route approval requests according to the options you specify and escalate requests when the conditions are not met. It makes business processes for receiving, assigning, and fulfilling requests transparent.

Email Alerting
A robust enterprise email notification system is integrated into the Identity and Governance Suite. Our Suite's email engine handles everything from simply request notifications, Deadline notification and Approved / Rejected notifications. Best of all it is configurable On-The-Go.

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