Freight Management System

Cloud Based Business

Based on best of breed functionality and an intuitive design, FMS-Online provides an exquisite management portal for your freight forwarding operations.

FMS-Online comes as a complete solution catering to all aspects of the freight forwarding operations (Air, Sea, Land and Domestics), while having the ability to handle import, export, courier and dispatch operations.

Designed for simplicity, FMS-Online provides automation for all important aspects of today’s businesses. For instance, FMS-Online is built with a rate calculation function, to generate invoices based on an initial contractual quotation setup.

Reports generation and documentation handling has never been simpler; FMS-Online comes equipped with an extensive and comprehensive range of reports to ensure smoother operations.

Built with the use in mind, the intuitive and user friendly interface makes it easier for users and operators to focus on the business functions, hence ensuring more efficient operations.

  • Caters to Air, Sea, Land and Domestic Operations
  • Handles Import, Export, Courier and Dispatch operations on a single platform
  • Enhance Manageability and tracking of orders
  • Automatic calculation of rates to generate invoices
  • Comprehensive range of reports
  • Elegant and user friendly user-interface
Additional Modules
  • Documentation Management
  • Planning
  • Event Management
  • Billing Module
  • Customers Management
  • Contracts Management
  • External Systems Interface
  • Order Management and Processing
  • Management Module
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