CyLock - 2FA

A Second Factor Authentication (2FA) solution that employs mobile devices as authentication factors.
Cloud Based Business

Forget expensive and cumbersome tokens, or non-user-friendly SMS OTPs. With CyLock, 2FA deployment, management and support get simplified. Achieve up to 48% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership as compared to hardware tokens. With option of on premises deployment or cloud based 2FA-as-a-Service, you can tailor CyLock to your exact needs.

Worried about end-user training and associated support costs? No problems, CyLock uses technology your users already possess and are familiar with- smartphones and tablets.

What’s more, with industry leading feature set and secure Out-of-Band authentication, we stand apart from the competition.

Whether you are looking to add 2FA to log-in systems or for transactions, VPNs to SSH, CyLock is the 2FA solution you deserve.

We believe in a brighter future, with smarter software solutions.

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